Russian specialists managed to synthesize a unique influenza vaccine

Recently debut a sample of the vaccine, able to act simultaneously against four strains of the virus, developed by national experts in the field of pharmaceuticals with the aim of prevention of influenza, was officially presented to an international audience.

Profile of the organization in recent years more and more urges to be vaccinated, using not only the so-called trivalent (protects against three strains) types of vaccines, but also to actively use tetravalent.

Until recently to boast of the ability to produce vaccines of this type were only five countries: USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, France. Now one of them will be officially entering our country.

According to the representative of firm-developer, this type of vaccine is considered the most advanced and effective of the currently existing in the world. Such preparations exhibit excellent preventive effects and is completely safe for the organism, while at the same time provide protection from four types of flu.

The drug is produced by a domestic company, it can be considered unique because it contains the so-called immunoadjuvant component that, if to describe it in the most understandable layman language, allows for greater action of the drug, avoiding an actual increase in the level of concentration of the active substance.

All the above factors actively contribute to the formation of stable immune system and is able to provide the highest safety profile.

It is known that the full, completely independent production cycle of the drug (starting from the stage of production framework) will be established on the territory of the Russian Federation.

At the moment, fully completed studies on the effectiveness of the vaccine among adults, the results of which the experts were fully satisfied.

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