Russian specialists have developed unique components of the diet

There are conditions colds and to stay healthy: the Russian specialists have developed the unique components of the diet

The staff of the far Eastern Federal University believe that low temperatures are not an obstacle to the preservation of health and declare the establishment of a number of products, the amazing properties which allow it not to hurt even in the most severe frosts.

The basis for the specific additives formed a complex of plant and animal proteins that emit in the oxidation process a significant amount of energy, which, in fact, allows the body to effectively resist the cold.

The number of officially submitted components of the diet: pate meat with the addition of cucumaria, marmalade and brown algae, sausages, which leads kelp. By the way, part of the development was previously awarded the attention of specialized experts, with their almost unanimous acclaim.

The greatest interest among experts is marmalade on the basis of algae, but sausages with seaweed and no less useful.

Note also that the same group of scientists previously suggested that at least the original design, including the so-called nanoscaled with the addition of sea cabbage, bread, enriched with algae and a variety of other products.

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