Russian scientists will test a vaccine against HIV in humans

The developers of the vaccine "Combiveht" ready for clinical trials of your drug. The authorship belongs to the group of scientists from the Russian state center of Virology and biotechnology "Vector".

Note, the history of the development of HIV vaccines in Russia is in its infancy. "Combiveht" - the first vaccine, which has passed all required tests and is ready for clinical research, second phase.

Developers have not yet found funding for the project. If you receive the necessary funds, all tests will take up to two years. Just the team you need about 200-300 million rubles. Money the Institute plans to get up Committee meeting on combating the HIV virus.

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HIV is a disease that is associated with lesions of the human immune system. By itself, the virus does not cause severe pathology, and sick people die from the banal pneumonia and other infectious processes with a large number of complications.

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