Russian scientists will present a vaccine against HIV in 3 years

Russian scientists are developing a vaccine against HIV. The first samples have already received and tested in laboratory conditions. Note, still not there are funds that would be saved from the deadly viral infection.

The vaccine is the second stage of research. The first phase of the development that has taken scientists 15 years. The peculiarity of the pathogen HIV is its ability to continuously form. Modern vaccines must act on the DNA of the virus and to protect the body at 100%.

Clinical trials will include testing the vaccine on 60 volunteers, which will be divided into three groups, one of which will receive a placebo. Be administered the vaccine will be on the background of traditional antiretroviral therapy.

If the second test phase is successful, you can go to the final test. This will mean that the vaccine is effective. Development of anti-HIV - matter of time and the speed of development of modern science, according to head of the laboratory of scientific research Institute of highly pure preparations of the Federal medical and biological Agency of the Russian Federation Andrey Kozlov.

At the moment the rates of HIV incidence only grow. Last year their number has increased by 14.8%.

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