Russian scientists will help Guinea to cope with Ebola

A group of Russian scientists is expected to arrive in the Republic of Guinea this week. Purpose - the organization of work on the diagnosis of Ebola in the field.

In the research group consisted of dozens of specialists from Saratov and Novosibirsk. The mobile laboratory was built on the basis of trucks and tent camps. Scientists plan to work for about five months in the hearth.

The first domestic version of the vaccine against Ebola virus has already been created, preliminary tests are passed.

The last outbreak of Ebola virus has killed more than 1,200 people, the number of infected exceeds two thousand. Traces of the fever registered in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria.

Treatment or specific vaccine against the disease Ebola does not yet exist. The development of a vaccine began just a few months ago in connection with the mass spread of infection.

The Ebola virus has a high contagion rate. Contact with a sick person means a 90% chance of infection. The mortality rates are also at the level of 90%. The disease is widespread in developing countries Central and West Africa.

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