Russian scientists will develop a program for the diagnosis of gambling addiction

Russian scientists from ITMO University (Saint Petersburg) are in the process of establishing a program through which it will be possible to identify the presence of dependence on online games. In the development of know-how is also involved experts from Singapore, reports TASS.

Employee ITMO Andrey Filchenkov says that a key objective of scientists is the detection of addiction. Created by experts of technology aims to determine the level of gambling man. Scientists hope that their invention of psychologists would be easier to understand the formation process of habituation, to determine the factors that influence it. This algorithm will allow to reveal the dependence already in the early stages.

The developers intend to train the program to identify the age and social status of the user, as well as his education, income, geographic location and personal preferences.

Domestic experts believe that the program will be an important component in the work of producers of computer games, film producers and employees of publishing houses.

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