Russian scientists will be engaged in solving the problems of old age

In Moscow on the basis of MIPT will soon be a Center of research on molecular mechanisms of aging and age-related diseases. His work will include three existing and three new laboratories of the physics faculty: Laboratory of chemistry and physics of lipids, Laboratory of advanced studies of membrane proteins and Laboratory of structural biology of receptors coupled with G-protein and new teams of scientists engaged in optogenetics.

At the head of two new research laboratories will rise foreign scientists: Norbert Dencher from the Institute of Biophysics at the Technical University in Darmstadt, Dieter Willbold, Director of the Institute of complex systems. Scientists will join forces to study the mechanisms of cell aging and diseases associated with these processes.

Today, the share of older people in most developed and developing countries is increasing. The global population is aging rapidly. Disease young age gradually fade into the background, while the number of cancer patients and patients with cardiovascular disease increases. These problems need to be addressed not only from the point of view of clinical medicine, but also at a deeper, molecular and genetic levels.

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