Russian scientists said, the origin of atherosclerosis

The development of foci of inflammation is the cause of overgrowth of blood vessels, according to Russian scientists.

"Surprisingly, none of the ten us open genes was not associated with cholesterol metabolism. This suggests that the key role here is played by the activation of proinflammatory genes, while changes in genes associated with fat metabolism can be triggered by inflammation," — said Alexander Orekhov, Institute of General pathology and pathophysiology Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Professor Alexander Nut believes that the initial changes occur in the genes responsible for the immune system. This conclusion negates all other hypotheses about the mechanisms of formation of cholesterol plaques. Previously it was thought that atherosclerosis is a chronic disease in which the walls of arteries deposited cholesterol and other fats in the form of raids and platelets, and the walls thicken and lose their elasticity.

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