Russian scientists plan to launch a drug for liver

A group of scientists from the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic chemistry works drug "Mascara" since 2000. Now is the question of industrial production of the drug. The first batch is already sold.

The main effect is the elimination of liver disease. Data were obtained at a press conference from the Director of "Tebah" Valentine Stanica.

The tool has proved its effectiveness against liver disease. It positively affected with acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, other liver diseases. The main therapeutic drug substance - Make Amur. The plant grows in the far East and in East Asia.

Seaside residents have long used the decoction of this herb as a folk medicine remedies. Mass production of the drug will help him get into the Russian market. Today's tablets can't be found in pharmacies since the first batch was sold out before the official announcement.

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