Russian scientists: open a revolutionary way of delivering drugs to the brain

Russian scientists have made a sensational discovery. They were able to identify a new channel drug delivery to the brain of the patient. The authors of the method are the Institute of genetics and Cytology, international tomography center SB RAS, Institute of catalysis.

"Nanoparticles in the brain receives the fibers of the olfactory nerves, which is proven through rigorous experiments that open up new possibilities by nanosafety, and overcoming this barrier to all sorts of drugs," said the Chairman of the SB RAS Alexander Aseev at the annual meeting of the Department, informs "Interfax".

In his opinion, most nanotechnology agents successfully used in the development of the Institute of Biophysics (in this case, we are talking about the nanodiamonds, which are used for the diagnosis of cholesterol), according to the journalist, "Interfax".

"It gives the opportunity to facilitate diagnosis, and among other things make it the most simple, reliable, despite the fact that, as stated by one of my colleagues, the basis is the use of nanobalance," said Aseev.

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