Russian scientists looking for a replacement for the Mantoux test

The Ministry of health is thinking what to do in cases where parents refuse to leave the Mantoux test for objective or subjective reasons. The fact that some children develop an allergic reaction to the injection, which complicates the diagnostic process. Now developed a new regulation on the detection of tuberculosis among the population of Russia.

According to the law, educational institutions may prevent the child enters school or daycare due to the failure of the parents from the Mantoux test. However, every year the Ministry receives many complaints related to unambiguous position of school leadership.

Note, there is a more exact text Deskin. This method of diagnosis has an accuracy of 90% versus 50-70% of the Mantoux test. Usually Dioscin test administered with a positive Mantoux test to confirm the diagnosis. While it's not forbidden to make this sample, using the capabilities of private medicine.

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