Russian scientists have proposed an inexpensive test for early diagnosis of cancer

The technology – identification of cancer marker in blood, saliva or any other biological fluid of the patient. The test will allow you to quickly diagnose the majority of cancers at the earliest stages.

The tumor is usually diagnosed when it causes discomfort. The second case – definition of tumor by CT or MRI studies. The test for oncomarkers works on a different principle.

"We look not protein and the modified DNA is characteristic of a cancer cell. And they appear long before being acquired specific tumor proteins. Therefore, our diagnostics allows to detect the tumor at an early, stage one. Similar systems are used abroad, but we are not certified. There are sophisticated and expensive chemical method of detection. Cost analysis - EUR 150, that is, 10000-11000 rubles. However, they look only one tumor marker, the sensitivity of the result, about 60%, we look immediately to 10 genes, we detected - 90-9%. And the cost of our analysis - 1500 rubles," - says Vitaly Kuznetsov, research fellow at the centre engaged in the development of the test system.

No need to buy expensive equipment, the availability and ease of use are the main advantages of domestic developments. In plans at scientists create test to detect cancer of the stomach, lung and breast cancer.

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