Russian scientists have proposed a new method to calculate the degree of aging of the cells

Experts from MIPT together with colleagues from the Institute of biology has developed a new method for detection of genetic damage at the cellular level. Technology will help in assessing the efficacy of drugs aimed at slowing down the aging process.

Any living organism in the process of life accumulates genetic mutations. That is why doctors advise men and women not to delay the birth of a child: a chance of congenital abnormalities of the fetus every year after the age of 35 increases.

"Scientists need biomarkers for the assessment of genetic damage that could be tracked in vivo, without complex operations and for a long time," says the study's lead author Alexey Moskalev, head of laboratory of genetics of aging and longevity Center of living systems MIPT.

Technology assessment of the degree of aging of the cells described in the publication of Mutation Research: as used indicator that takes into account a number of violations of the DNA. For the study involved 144 laboratory rats, the scientists analyzed blood samples.

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