Russian scientists have made a breakthrough in cardiology

Russian surgeons vascular surgery Bakulev for the first time in the world did transplant vessel of the heart based on the new technology. This method was proposed by the Swiss Nobel laureate Lenno.

Previously operations on vessels of heart children took place in several stages. This applies to synthetic materials, which required replacement, as the baby grows until a certain time. The new technology is based on the implantation of a matrix material, which is gradually replaced by own forces of the body cells that are part of a healthy vessel.

This technology is a real breakthrough in medicine, believe world experts. Previously absorbable materials used in the manufacture of suture threads, however, as it turned out, relatively simple technology can find application in such a complex discipline as cardiology. Scientists believe that the matrix material will produce a breakthrough in modern medicine, replacing traditional methods of treatment of heart diseases. In the future you can use these methods for treating abnormalities of other organs.

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