Russian scientists have learned how to kill cancer cells in vitamin B

A series of chemical reactions allows to destroy cancer cells using the vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). This compound under the influence of ultraviolet radiation is activated and accumulates in the tumor. In the future, according to scientists, the developed method can replenish the Arsenal of oncologists in the fight against cancer.

"The problem was that I could not activate the Riboflavin in cancer. We found a way photoactivation of Riboflavin in the depth of biological tissue through the use of so-called upconverters of nanoparticles," says the oldest researcher of the laboratory of nonlinear optics of surface and laser-plasma processes the Institute of photonic technology FNIC "crystallography and Photonics" of the RAS, head of the RSF grant, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences Eugeny khaydukov.

Vitamin B2 is a unique substance for Oncology. With the combination of certain conditions this coupling produces an active form of oxygen that kills cancer cells. So the effect was activated, you need to work on the tumor, vitamin rich, ultra-violet radiation in a narrow spectral range.

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