Russian scientists have found genes that protect against alcoholism

Genetic medicine is a promising direction, which is a series of innovative developments. Scientists are constantly discovering new genes, as their number in human cells is enormous. Needany patterns of inheritance of certain diseases, genetic combinations that lead to various pathologies. Other genes protect the body from harmful agents and provide increased resistance.

Not so long ago, Russian scientists made a discovery in genetics. It turns out that every tenth citizen of our country is protected from alcoholism at the genetic level. There is a whole group of genes that is responsible for the body's resistance to this disease, according to Svetlana village, from the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. She notes that alcoholism is not always inherited. Already tagged genes that can cause a craving for alcohol, but their effect is minimal, and the basic desire to consume alcohol-containing products lies at the level of the brain.

Most often leads to alcoholism asocial way of life, problems at work and in the family, the need to escape from real life and improper upbringing. There are Nations that drink more due to climatic or social conditions. Certain genes can increase the risk of alcoholism, but independently without provoking factors, their effect is minimal. Scholars argue that the tendency of Russians to alcohol consumption and alcohol - no more than a myth, which covered the public.

The main discovery was a group of genes, which are present protection from chronic alcoholism. There is a gene that is responsible for the processing of alcohol to acetaldehyde. This compound is highly toxic and explains most of the symptoms of a hangover. The activity of this gene cause early intoxication and rapid onset of poor health. Such people prefer to drink little or not drink at all, because the consumption of alcohol for them is nothing more than a test that does not bring pleasure. Scientists say that every tenth citizen of Russia has such a genome. Another open gene is responsible for the complete and rapid decomposition of the alcohol. Such people in our country about one percent. For this group there is no concept of intoxication. It either does not occur or immediately stops.

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