Russian scientists have found a solution to the problem of dental caries

Incredible results in dental research has made scientists from Voronezh state University. Their main achievement related to the new method of determining the caries at the earliest stages. What's more, managed to reverse the process of destruction. Information on these results has published "the Russian newspaper".

In fact, this disease is connected with the activity of certain types of bacteria. Those, in turn, retain their livelihoods, thanks to the carbohydrates. They produce acid that damages tissue. Exploring the saliva of subjects suffering from caries, were able to determine that they have reduced the number of minerals increased and the rate of lipids and carbohydrates.

Moreover, in the samples significantly increased the number of special elements which the body produces in the formation of caries. The experimental details followed by the deformations in the composition of the enamel at each stage of the disease. In this regard, they were able to create drugs that improve metabolism and actually prevent the development of disease.

Researchers also found out that with the emergence of caries of the enamel collapses, forming a salt of calcium and own acid. Based on these data, they created a separate material that is similar in composition with healthy tissue of the teeth.

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