Russian scientists have developed bone of nanoceramics

Scientific team from Tomsk developed an alternative to bone implants. Modern equivalent: nanoceramics bone. It is proved that the new material is not rejected by the human body and excellent catch. In addition, scientists say, he is strong and relatively cheap.

Prosthetics is one of the promising directions in medicine. In some cases, the bone is not able to grow together. When a person loses the ability to move independently. For the return of motor function scientists are developing improved bone prosthesis. The prosthesis of nanoceramics, similar to natural bone, is not rejected by the human immune system. The development of ordered Ministry of industry and trade of Russia. As early scientists made prosthetic joints of the fingers. The resulting composition, the structure is not inferior to the bone.

During the development of the surface of the prosthesis was modified by using magnetron sputtering. Inside the artificial bone treated with special chemical solutions. The result is a prosthetic excellent quality. Their main advantage compared to foreign analogues - low cost. Dentures, according to Sergey Kulkov, head of the Department strength and design of physico-technical faculty of Tbilisi state University, will be available for all segments of the population.

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