Russian scientists have developed a vaccine against Smoking

Russian scientists decided not to lag behind foreign counterparts and suggested that the vaccine area. Habit has become a serious problem, which requires the participation of not only the smoker, but also the state, mass media, medical institutions.

To overcome addiction once and for all, researchers have created a vaccine against Smoking. Developing managed to pass the first stage of testing in the laboratory, Khimki. The vaccine, once in the blood, activates the synthesis of antibodies. Next antibodies are received in the brain, where the block center, responsible for getting pleasure from Smoking.

Scientists have high hopes for the new vaccine. The invention has to go through many trials to prove its full safety and efficacy. With the success of the vaccine can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Note that Russian scientists are moving in the right direction. The secret to winning over the bad habit lies in the brain. This information is already confirmed. Some people can overcome addiction on their own, however, heavy smokers may need medical or psychological help.

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