Russian scientists have developed a unique method of cancer treatment

In Obninsk, the science city of Kaluga region, held their first surgery to treat prostate cancer using the isotope iodine-125. Method of brachytherapy consists in placing radioactive sources directly into the affected tissue.

Prostate cancer remains one of the most common and dangerous cancers in men. In most cases the patient can help to rid him of the tumor. The main advantage of brachytherapy is to deliver a dose of radiation directly to the tumor without significant damage to healthy tissue.

"Science block "Rosatom" is actively developing the entire range is widely demanded in domestic and world markets trends in the field of radiation technologies. In particular, we are working on projects in the field of nuclear medicine. Medical surgery with the use of the isotope iodine-125 of the Russian production is a concrete result of years of joint efforts of the institutions under the management of JSC "Science and innovations". Technologies of Rosatom save lives, and most importantly, what can we say about today's event" - says Vyacheslav Pershukov, the Director of the Block management innovation of the company "Rosatom".

Created analogue – a vivid example of the power of the Russian medicine. In a short time domestic scientists have developed a method of obtaining radioactive drug, not inferior to foreign drugs.

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