Russian scientists have developed a new drug against AIDS

AIDS is a terrible disease that affects not only the disadvantaged and marginalized populations. Today everyone has a chance to be infected by human immunodeficiency virus. When this disease affects T-immunity, affecting lymphocytes. The result is reduced immunity, and the body becomes open gate for a huge number of disease-causing agents, which a healthy person harm to bring can't.

Russian scientists November 19, stated that the studies and experiments that were conducted in 2008 gave their first fruits. Developed a new tool for the treatment of AIDS and HIV. Tests confirm the effectiveness of the drug.

Today conducts in-depth clinical tests on safety and multilateral effectiveness of the tool. Scientists expect to succeed. It is possible that the drug will become a tool in the fight against this virus when it is used together with drugs from other groups. It is worth mentioning that the drug is able to treat all variations of AIDS and HIV. The main feature of this agent is its constant mutational variability. She was not allowed to be effective agents against this disease. Scientists claim that the drug retains its activity even after a series of three mutations of the virus.

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It should be noted that when starting a new means of mass production, its cost is not so high. Already today, several large medical corporations showed a desire on financial investments in the project. Scientists expect that the tool will go into service doctors and hospitals in a couple of years, when you have a product registration. Near-term approval abroad - the period of 2016-2017 year.

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