Russian scientists have created unique anesthetic drug

The particular analgesic developed domestic production has recently been presented by the experts from Institute of problems of chemico-energy technologies SB RAS (IPAT) and Tomsk state University (TSU). The drug called Tiburtina.

Tiburzy has no side effect and can relieve the pain associated with different causes. "The raw material for a new drug is glyoxal. The technology of synthesis of the substance invented by chemists TSU. To create a drug you need to take a bit of substance at the intermediate stage of the synthesis and to modify it", - says Sergey Sysolyatin, Director of IPAT.

Preliminary test results look encouraging. Even 28-day supply of the painkiller did not cause the volunteers addiction and need to increase the dose to maintain the effect. The drug did not provoke a respiratory disease, not stimulate the nervous system.

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