Russian scientists examine the impact of GMOs and pesticides on the human body

A group of scientists from Russia plans to conduct a large-scale study of GMOs and pesticides. Today there is no accurate information about the dangers or benefits of genetically modified foods, and most of the discussions on this topic come to a standstill.

A survey will be conducted long-term impact of GMOs on the human body. The experiment will take about three years, and its budget will be $ 25 million. The main direction of research - Carcinogenicity (ability to cause cancer) modified foods. But now we are talking about experiments on rats.

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The experiments will take place not only in Russia, will take part in the Western European countries. Start of the project "Factor GMO" is scheduled for 2015. Three years later, the researchers plan to inform all the information about the benefits and dangers of genetically modified foods and pesticides.

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