Russian scientists create artificial skin in 2016

The science team from Ulyanovsk start of the experiment on the cultivation of "faux leather". The first material will have scientists in 2016.

"The staff of the pedagogical Institute Ulyanovsk started work on the cultivation of skin cells. In the plans of the team to get the initial product "faux leather" this year. The first cellular product to be obtained, it is the fibroblasts of human skin and stem cells in the future — liver cells," says the press center of Ulyanovsk state pedagogical Institute.

The project will help in the treatment of many diseases associated with damage to the skin. Human skin consists of several layers, which, in turn, is formed of a hotel cell types. Scientists will try to recreate the structure in the laboratory and transplanted its first animals, then humans.

As the first version, the researchers plan to present the structure of human fibroblasts. "It (fibroblast) a fairly common product, which is widely used in the treatment of various injuries of the skin, in cosmetics, and also works as a model in various scientific experiments," says Professor Elena Antonova, head of the scientific research.

In the future you can create complex multi-layer structures resembling the skin. Her transplant will help in the treatment of burns, hereditary skin diseases, and other pathologies.

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