Russian scientists can get the results of the trials of vaccines against Ebola virus is one of the first

To the ideal completion of the test phase of the Russian vaccine in laboratory animals. According to Vice-Premier Olga Golodets, the results obtained are encouraging scientists. On the eve of the Russian doctors who worked in Guinea, was awarded the prize.

The global scientific community has made great progress in the study of the virus. Specialists provide highly praised by Russian scientists. "That is, they are very sober, very clearly appreciate that today we are ahead, and we get faster results" - says Olga Golodets.

In 2014 physicians registered the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The disease went through Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone. During the year, the fever has died 10,2 thousand people, injured nearly 25 thousand. Now the intensity of the spread of the virus subsided.

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