Russian scientists are preparing for surgery, head transplant

Experts from Russia joined the international group working to transplant a human head. Now there are many outstanding issues over key points in the surgical intervention is actively working.

Yet explores the possibilities of the drug Perftoran. Opened it in the USSR. A solution of Perftoran, scientists believe, can be used as a substance, temporarily replacing the blood.

With the help of Perftoran surgeons plan to provide the head with oxygen during the operation. The drug, experts say, will be able to extend the Autonomous life of the brain 4-5 times.

There are a number of obstacles standing in the way of surgeons. The fact that the head is impossible to sew in a short time. Even with the perfect streamlined process doctors will need a minimum of 30 minutes, during this time, the brain and other organs of the head with the big share of probability will die.

Transplant surgery of the head will be the most difficult in the history of surgery. While there is a preparation phase. On the date of the intervention physicians have not yet reported.

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