Russian scientists are exploring the possibilities of nano-silver

Nanotechnology is one of the new and promising areas. They are used for experiments, preparations based on them have already confirmed their action. Countries such as Russia, USA, Europe are working to create nano-agents who will work in the blood stream of a person, by performing their particular function. Recent experiments Kemerovo technological Institute of food industry suggests that soon you can start the production of products containing nanosilver, says RBC.

This is a proven fact - silver has bactericidal and bacteriostatic action. Silver, translated in the nanoform has a high activity, which can protect from 700 species of pathogenic bacteria.

Nanosilver has a wide range of applications: medicine, cosmetics, household items. Its application gives existing inventions new opportunities. Water filters, toothpaste, soap, detergents with nanostream have a large range of fight against staphylococci, streptococci and other pathogenic bacteria. This is the main perspective in the use of nano-silver.

You have already created products with the use of this material. Disinfectant AGRODEZ hand should go for regular use in the Railways. Another popular scope - disinfection of water in swimming pools.

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