Russian scientists are developing artificial heart

Russian scientists are planning the development of their own artificial heart. Today, there are several models from manufacturers, however, Russian scientists aim is more ambitious - a patient with a new heart needs to have a full life without significant restrictions and prolonged hospitalizations after surgery.

Start of work planned combined instrument Corporation and Moscow aviation Institute this year. Head of development and production of medical equipment DIC Alexander Kulish shared your thoughts, how do you envisage the artificial heart of the new generation.

Russia already has experience in the development of devices that can maintain a constant flow. But the artificial heart of the present generation have a number of disadvantages: relatively short lifespan, the need to continuously monitor the operation of the machine.

The main goal of Russian scientists is to bring the operation of the artificial heart to heart function present in all parameters. Over the next five years may see the technology in the cultivation of the heart based on stem cells, it will help scientists to improve their inventions.

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