Russian physicists have developed a tool to stop bleeding in the field

The field of medicine is constantly evolving, as from military action, no country of the insured. On the eve of the received information regarding the new development from the Russian physicists from Rostov scientific research Institute of the southern Federal University (SFU). Acoustic cuffs will help quickly eliminate bleeding in extreme situations. Today the unique invention in the entire world.

Studies show that bleeding is the most frequent cause of death during the fighting. Especially dangerous internal bleeding in the abdominal and chest cavity, stomach and intestinal bleeding. Ultrasonic technique is able to stop the bleeding for six hours. During this time, the wounded need to deliver on the operating table for surgery.

Classic arterial tourniquet has several disadvantages, in addition, it is ineffective. Developed cuffs looks like a device for measuring pressure. Acoustic cuffs applied to the injury site, is inflated. Sensors located inside the determine the source of bleeding and eliminate it.

Technology physics assembled with the oncologists. A similar technique is used in the treatment of cancer. However, in our case, the main purpose of the ultrasound is a rupture of the vessel. Plans to create two versions of cuff: compact personal first aid kits soldier and more functional for hospitals and medical staff.

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