Russian pharmacists develop a cure for old age

Specialists from the Russian company NCPharm are in the process of razrabotki drug that slows the aging process of the human body. While the project is at an early stage, however, the first positive shifts have already been observed.

A new tool will influence the telomeres of chromosomes. The shortening of these sites, according to modern concepts of genetics, is associated with aging of any living organism.

It is known that newborns telomeres can be updated by means of special enzymes, telomeres. This process is not limited, however, with age, the ability of continuous self-renewal of the telomere is lost. Scientists are trying to understand how to preserve this function in adults.

While the plan pharmacists to include telomerase and telomeres in adult cells. Perhaps it will significantly slow down the aging process. On preliminary research, the scientists will take about 2-3 years. If successful, the company will patent the tool and start the production.

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