Russian officials will require drunk drivers to receive treatment from addiction

On the eve of the Ministry of health has prepared a draft Federal law and published it for public comment. Under the new law, people who sat down behind the wheel drunk, can not only be obliged to undergo a series of diagnostic procedures, but also to send on treatment in narcological Department for rehabilitation from alcoholism or other forms of drug addiction.

While the law "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation on the issue of appointment of punishment to the perpetrators of a crime or offence in the area of the road in a intoxicated" goes through the stage of discussion on the portal of legal information.

The law has already lead to a number of grievances not only by drivers but also by experts. Not every drunk person behind the wheel has signs of alcohol dependence. In addition, the new law is penalised for a foul on voluntary presence in the field of medical care. To date, only a small percentage is located in psychiatric hospitals and clinics addiction by the court.

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