Russian officials will expand the scope of homoeopathy in medicine

Homeopathic medicines can begin to apply in public health practice. This was said yesterday by Eduard Gavrilov, the first Deputy Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on health protection, physical culture and healthy way of life.

Homeopathy, the Chairman of the Board of the National Council for homeopathy Alexey Karpeev, is very important and useful tool in the capable hands of the doctor. The majority of these drugs are completely safe. With the right appointment they can bring patient benefit. The main condition is that reception of homeopathic remedies as a complementary stage of treatment. The main stage should remain the same and consist of the real pharmaceutical products with open mechanisms of action.

"Homeopathy became popular not because of advertising products manufacturers, and thanks to those who were treated. This prominent public figures, and pop stars, and famous writers and artists. We wrongly blame the fact that it is sorcery and witchcraft, however, the use of homeopathic medicines reduces the cost and duration of treatment," says Karpeev.

With all this modern medicine has no clear evidence that homeopathy has a positive effect. That is why most qualified doctors this type of treatment seriously consider.

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