Russian officials will close the online pharmacy

And it will happen before the court decision, according to the law "On circulation of medicines", which was adopted last month. Note, prior to the enactment of the remote sale of medicines was prohibited. In exception fell only herbal remedies and raw materials of reindeer herding.

In practice things are different. Many small companies engaged in the sale of medicines via the Internet. This is illegal, undercover and using loopholes in the law.

"Some market participants positioned their service not as a sale of drugs through online pharmacy, but as a service for the delivery of real drugstores. But from a legal point of view such delivery would in any case be qualified as a sale remotely. No cases of the prosecution of owners of Internet pharmacies accountable for the violation of this prohibition, and cases involving claims for discontinuing medications remotely, or block websites of online pharmacies are caused by lack of responsibility for distant selling drugs," says the reality Veronica Kazakevich, the Director of the civil law Department of the law firm "cliff".

Such sites could block the standard by Roskomnadzor, but this organization has higher priority.

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