Russian officials will check for HIV

The former head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko together with the current head Anna Popova plan to test for HIV all the Agency. This event is supposed to draw public attention to the problem of HIV and AIDS in Russia.

The procedure takes the officials a minimum of time. A special machine with a laboratory inside take the required material and will give the result in a few minutes. The diagnostic program has already approved other members of the organizing Committee of the conference on HIV.

"Almost 300 people every day learn about the diagnosis of "HIV infection" and many were sure that it never touches. The earlier a person learns about the problem, the sooner it can start to heal, to save a full life," says Anna Popova.

"In Russia there are citizens who owe their posts must regularly pass this test. There are citizens who want to do a good deed - donate blood. Be sure to check them. All citizens who are at risk are tested, depending on their cultural level" - complements Onishchenko.

Today, HIV is not a death sentence. There are a number of drugs capable of maintaining human immunity at a proper level even in the most complicated cases of HIV.

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