Russian officials want to ban the sale of packets of 30 cigarettes

The deputies of "United Russia" made a proposal to ban the sale of large cigarette packs. If the law is approved, it is possible to buy more than 20 cigarettes in a pack will be impossible. The changes will require amendments in the law "About health protection of citizens from influence of surrounding tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption", the experts comment.

"Answering the request of users, we have also started to produce products in large packages with 30 cigarettes in a pack. The growing demand in this segment confirms that this was the right move. If the legislative decision on the reduction or complete ban of this segment, we, as a law-abiding company, it will have to perform," - said Alexander Lyuty, Director of corporate relations "BAT Russia".

Anti-Smoking law in force in the territory of Russia since 2013. At the moment Smoking is prohibited in territories and in premises designated for medical, rehabilitation and Spa services, in most public places. It is possible that soon this list will expand.

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