Russian officials have proposed a ban on receiving blood from gay men

Officials want to make some amendments to the law On the donation". It is assumed that in the first place it will affect persons of minority sexual orientation wishing to donate blood. At the moment it is believed that such people are vulnerable to such diseases as AIDS and HIV. Upon entry into force of amendments, the message that their sexual orientation will be a mandatory item in the donor blood.

The Russian donation system works on the same principles as the European. At the moment it is considered that the orientation of the donor plays no role in the risk of HIV infection, according to Alexei mazous, head of the center for the prevention and control of AIDS.

Professor confirms that among homosexuals relatively high risk of these diseases. But it is also a high risk of Contracting and people often come into promiscuous sex, the blood which issues were never called. Mazous believes that if Russia wants to ban the taking of blood from persons with non-traditional orientation, it should go in the footsteps of Sweden.

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There since 2010 repealed the ban on blood donation for homosexuals. But some have remained. A donor should not have sexual intercourse for one year. Similar programs operate in Japan. In the United States ban on the donation among minorities working for a long time, although recently the scientists of this country believe that it is time to remove this this taboo.

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