Russian officials could not decide how to deal with drug addicts

Officials of the Kirov region introduced in the state Duma the law on criminal liability for use of narcotic or psychotropic substances without a prescription from a doctor. About all the consequences of such decisions reflect the experts. While a consensus could not be obtained.

Under the proposed law, as punishment addicts can get fined up to 20,000 rubles or corrective works for the term up to one year. The law refers only to repeated drug use.

Not all agree that drug addicts are definitely criminals who need to be punished. The Russian government has issued a statement: "the Introduction of criminal punishment for consumption of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances is not consistent with the definitions of the world health organization".

Officially, drug addiction is considered a mental illness, consequently sick person should be treated, and not to impose on him penalties. We will note, the proposal to introduce criminal liability for drug use is on the table for the first time. In 2013, the same proposal was made by the Director of the Federal drug control service Viktor Ivanov.

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