Russian lawmakers plan to expand assistance for people with rare diseases

The members of the "Fair Russia" expressed an opinion concerning the problem of providing drugs for patients with rare clinical pathology. At the moment this problem is very acute. Money on drugs must come not only from the budget of a particular region, but also from the Federal budget, because they are simply not enough.

The proposal touched many acute and chronic diseases, prone to progression. Special group - condition leading to death, and reduction in the duration of human life. Often the treatment of rare diseases cost a large sum, which not everyone is able to pay. Moreover, the money sometimes are not even in the regions.

In this regard, and was submitted for consideration a proposal for reform in this area. Hanging the quality of life is one of the promising directions. Each person must rely on competent advice. To date, not every region provides the necessary drugs for people with rare diseases.

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Note that even in the autumn officials had considered the matter and came to the conclusion about the need for additional funding in this area. However, the introduction of reforms inevitably associated with a change in standards, protocols and documents, and the process can take a long time.

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