Russian experts have called for foreign household chemicals unsafe and banned it

The CPS decided to take household cleaning products to foreign brands, sold on the territory of Russia. Several tools are under the ban. Among them, a line of household brands LLC "Henkel Rus", JSC "Neva cosmetics", JSC "cap Contract GmbH", "Procter & gamble", Werner & Mertz GmbH Colgate-Palmolive company, The Clorox Compan.

The producers themselves are outraged by the new policy of the CPS. Because to get to the Russian market a whole range of pre-tested in the same body. "Individual items have been removed from sale, meanwhile they had previously, and repeatedly, were checked by the same CPS. And why without telling the producers about their claims, the CPS brings the information directly to retail chains?" says Peter bobrowsky, Director of the Association of manufacturers of perfumery, cosmetics, household chemicals and hygiene.

What chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation says: "the attention of household cleaning products CPS started to pay back in the spring because of the rising number of consumer complaints of allergic reactions after using these tools when cleaning or washing. It would seem that the usual means. These products are issued the certificate of state registration for the entire period of supply of imported products or for the entire period of Russian production of products. Are issued once and are perpetual".

In some of the Russian scientists found high concentrations of toxic substances that can cause allergic reactions. While we are talking about the withdrawal household cleaning products out of circulation. Deliveries to the country are continuing, not ban the production also had been issued.

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