Russian drivers will begin to test for alcohol and drugs under the new system

This year will change rules for examination of drivers who are alcohol or drugs behind the wheel. Requirements will become more precise and stricter, and to deceive physicians will be almost impossible.

Doctors to install the full clinical picture will use 17 indicators of intoxication. Analysis of alcohol content in the exhaled air will be conducted twice with an interval of 20 minutes. A mandatory requirement and will be a urine test for alcohol and drugs. Waiver of examination will only play against the suspect and will increase the probability of disqualification.

If any prohibited substances in the body of the driver is not detected, the samples are sent to a control examination in the laboratory. Alcohol intoxication to be installed when the alcohol content of more than 0.16 ppm. In special cases, doctors can send the collected urine to a detailed study. In the case of drug-discovery case will go to trial. Himself-depth analysis can take up to two weeks.

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