Russian doctors are not satisfied with the current insurance system

Only one of the four health workers satisfied with the current insurance system. Only 26% of physicians, according to the survey 6174 people consider modern form of health insurance is optimal, providing affordable and quality medical assistance to citizens. The most positively to the insurance system in Russia include doctors from the Republic of Chuvashia. Doctors from Mordovia, Arkhangelsk, Volgograd and Ivanovo oblasts see the situation with the insurance medicine is not so rosy. Up to 89% believe the MMI system ineffective.

Almost half (48%) of the respondents, the assessment of the quality of the assistance provided in the framework of the MLA shall be handled by Roszdravnadzor. 19% offer to give this role to the MHI funds, 15% of medical insurance companies.

According to official statistics, in Russia there are more than 60 organizations that specialize in health insurance. The total amount of funds which have all of the company amounts to 30 billion rubles.

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