Russian children had contracted a viral infection in Turkey

The outbreak of a dangerous infection found among many children who are vacationing with their parents in the resort of Belek in Turkey, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the words of Marina Makarkovaa occupying the position of Director of PR tourism company Tez Tour.

An employee in the office of the Ministry of tourism of Turkey in Moscow Jalal Kilic said that the infection was contracted sixteen children who live in the hotel called Sirene Belek Golf & Wellness. His evidence suggests that among the sick children there are twelve Russians. At the moment the children are in the rooms on the prescribed quarantine all of them regularly visiting health workers, says Kilic.

If you believe the information Ministry, children who have traced fever, sore throat and rash on body and face, contracted chickenpox. However, it tells of Makarova, chief physician of the hotel believes that children get sick herpetic angina. As he States, the source of this infection is someone from Russian citizens.

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The chief sanitary doctor of the Russian state, Gennady Onishchenko, in comments to the incident suggested that Russian children could be infected with rotavirus infection. According to Onishchenko, a few cases of this infection were not so long ago recorded among the tourists who are on holiday in the Bulgarian resorts.

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