Russian activists want tougher anti-Smoking law

May 31 – the Day of quitting. On this day the "League of nation's health" introduced amendments to the law on Smoking. Now there are a number of measures to restrict smokers in public places. The price of cigarettes over the last few years has increased by about half. However, activists believe that this is not enough, additional measures are required.

"World experience shows that restrictive measures are necessary but not sufficient condition in the fight against Smoking. It is important that in the family, in society, especially among the youth formed a negative attitude to Smoking. You need to create a program of tobacco control, including all possible measures of influence and focusing on children, adolescents and youth. Associated with Smoking more than 15% of all deaths in the country. The average number of years of life lost death from diseases associated with Smoking, 19 years for men and 16 for women. Discarded is a huge part of life. And this is unacceptable. What to do? In my opinion, it is necessary to bet on the family as the greatest moral value and society, which generates certain values," says Leo Bokeria, President of the "League of nation's health".

One proposal is to ban public Smoking in General. If the amendment would put into legislation, Smoking is banned everywhere except your own home. "League" has tried to ban Smoking in car with children, however, this proposal remained unanswered.

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