Russia will revise the list of vital and essential medicinal products

The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation plans to change the list of vital and essential lcarstvennyh drugs. As the criteria of revision to account the effectiveness of drugs and their cost.

"At the present time is the work of the Commission on the revision of the list. Anyone can through the Internet to monitor its work and even take part in this work. Let's see what you come up with the experts," says Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of healthcare of the Russian Federation.

Note, the procedure for the revision of the list is carried out every year. In 2015, the list consisted of 608 drugs in 2016 – 646. A new list of essential drugs should be changed, but only slightly. Enter it and the domestic and foreign drugs.

"I haven't been able to expect we have the best experts in the country. This is an incremental process, in particular, evaluated the clinical efficacy and the ratio of performance and cost," concludes Skvortsova.

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