Russia will launch the system get e sick list

Russia, together with Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries will soon begin to enter the system get e sick list. The project is at the planning stage, responsible for its introduction is social insurance Fund of Russia (FSS). The most common use of the electronic system will be cases of motherhood.

While electronic hospital are in the planning stages. However, a number of medical organizations have already expressed their desire to participate in the project. For proper functioning of the system should take part in a variety of departments. To date, more content creators are worried about the security and speed of data transmission in the Internet.

Experts say: from paper sick list until no one refuses. Full transition to the electronic system will be possible as soon as the system begins to operate in full force and show themselves in a positive way. In the experiment on introduction of the electronic system will take part in 13 regions. The introduction of the five regions.

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