Russia is located on the 64th place in the ranking of happiness World Happiness Report 2015, compiled by the UN Network and published on the SDSN website.

The results of the study based on data from the Gallup World Poll, and takes into account such indicators as GDP per capita, life expectancy, level of corruptie, the number of unemployed, the welfare of the population, the generosity of citizens and social freedom.

Ratings for World Happiness Report was first published in 2012. This year the report presents data on 158 countries. Experts believe that these rankings are critical for global leaders and will help to improve the quality of life in individual countries.

The report identifies the countries with the highest levels of happiness:

1. Switzerland

2. Iceland

3. Denmark

4. Norway

5. Canada


15. USA


46. Japan


59. Belarus


64. Russia


111. Ukraine


127. Armenia


158. In

According to the published rating, the happiest country was Switzerland (7,587 points). Was able to calculate the average score rating on a scale of ten is 5.1.

Russia took the 64th place ahead of Ukraine, and countries such as China, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Portugal.

The last place (158) in the ranking of happiness went to the African country of Togo.

At the end of the list were countries such as Burundi, Syria, Benin, Rwanda, Afghanistan. According to the study, the lowest score of happiness is $ 2.84.

Specifies that the profile of Gallup vote was based on Gentileschi scale in which respondents were asked to supply yourself a rating on a 10-point school. Thus, the data do not Express the mood of the respondents during the study, and a sense of well being.

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