That the Russian Federation ranks second in the world in terms of the Smoking population, at a press briefing of the state Duma on 4 April said Nikolai Gerasimenko, Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on high technology and science.

He arrived with the world XV conference on Tobacco or health, held in Singapore. The event was a plan developed anti-Smoking strategy for the next three years. As was reported at the conference, Russia climbed one place in the ranking among smokers countries. Recall that in a similar list a year ago, she took the third position.

According to data published in 2011, Russians smoked more than 398 billion cigarettes annually. However, the production of cigarettes of tobacco factories of the Russian Federation is gradually reduced such information leads the Tobacco Atlas, published by who. As stated by N. Gerasimenko, the number of the Smoking population is decreasing every year. The main reason for this trend are the warnings of the health Ministry of the Russian Federation about the harm that health Smoking on cigarette packages, as well as propaganda activities of a healthy lifestyle.

According to a recent study by GATS "Global survey of adult tobacco", which was conducted during 2009-2010, approximately 62% of men and 21% of the female population of the Russian Federation are addicted to Smoking. In General, across the country, these figures represent about 40% of the Russian population, or 43,9 million inhabitants. Age smokers ranges from 19 to 43 years. On average, every smoker smoked 17 cigarettes per day, and because of the diseases associated with Smoking, dies 400 thousand people.

During the nearest time will be considered a draft law "On health protection of population from consequences of tobacco consumption", composed of the EurAsEC.

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