Russia is helping Tajikistan to combat diphtheria

The Russian government has decided to make a targeted contribution to the budget of UNICEF in the amount of one million U.S. dollars. The money will be allocated to Tajikistan, due to the fact that in this country there was a serious danger of a diphtheria outbreak.

In a press release of the Ministry of foreign Affairs says that this step confirms the desire of Russia to provide the necessary assistance to the people of Tajikistan for the solution of social problems facing the country.

Studies conducted by the who indicate that sixty percent of Tajikistan's population is not protected against diphtheria. In April this year in the Republic has already begun immunizing children against this terrible disease. After the first phase of vaccination should be vaccinated seven hundred and thirty thousand children, aged from 3 to 6 years. Children and young people aged seven to twenty-one year immunized in the fall, during the second and third stage of immunization of the population.

The government of Tajikistan, according to information from the portal also has allocated one million dollars for the purchase of vaccines. Immunization is not only in clinics but also in remote areas where travel mobile teams. Thus, it is possible to protect people from dangerous situations of infection and to save much more lives of the citizens of this country.

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