Russia is developing to identify bacterial and viral infections

Infections caused by bacteria and viruses sometimes have similar symptoms. Especially the phenomenon is expressed for colds. It is proved that a viral infection can not be treated with antibiotics. With influenza, the scientists write, you need antiviral drugs.

The situation with the diagnosis of bacterial and viral infections are trying to facilitate the Novosibirsk scientists. They are now developing a system for diagnosing diseases at home. Note, the experience of developing such rapid methods already available from our foreign colleagues. The advantage of the Russian analogue is the price, which should be 50% of foreign tests.

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Currently, these tests can be found in drugstores of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The average price is 250 rubles. For diagnostics it is necessary to put on a cotton swab mucus from the nasopharynx of a sick person and put it on the test strip. After 20-30 minutes, the method will return information about the nature of the pathogen.

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