Russia is approaching the leaders in the ranking of the most rich countries

The British company Ipsos Mori has analysed what percentage of the population in 28 countries have problems with obesity. The study showed that obesity is a very serious matter that requires immediate attention from all sides: from the state and healthcare to the personal perspective of each person. The data obtained in 10 out of 28 countries more than half of the adult population are overweight.

And year by year the problem does not go away, and is becoming more acute. Obesity is one of the main factors of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

In Russia the situation is not better than in most other places. The country took the third place for obesity in a composite rating. 57% of adults are overweight. In second place was Turkey, on the ground – Saudi Arabia.

Positive situation among 28 countries is formed only in India, China and Japan. The share of the adult population is obese does not exceed 28%.

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